About Iron Design

In today’s day in age where industrial wholesale technologies have made the mass production of goods common place in our society, handmade wrought iron articles have become a refined and prestigious alternative way of decorating your home or business.  

Here at West Coast Wood & Iron we pride ourselves in offering well-built, one-of-a-kind creations. Every piece that leaves the blacksmith shop boasts it originality with every dent created by every hammer-blow. The principles of blacksmithing are quite simple; however the processes involved take some well-trained practice. Generally speaking, the processes are as follows: Iron (in it’s many shapes and dimensions that are available to the consumer) is first heated in a forge (an ‘oven’ for a better word) to bring the metal to a ‘red-hot’ state. Upon removing the metal from the forge, it’s molecular properties have been altered from its normal, rigid state; enabling it to be contorted, twisted, bent or re-shaped. This process is achieved through the use of a hammer and an anvil (A heavy steel or iron block with a flat top, concave sides, and typically a pointed end) on which metal can be hammered and shaped. Whether large scale or small, the possibilities are endless as age -old traditions of handmade forging enable us to bring to life any client’s vision. All products are coated with ‘anti-rust’ finishes to ensure longevity and to stand the test of time. In a nut-shell, if you can dream it, we can make it.


.....the tools of the trade